Robin Cornelius, CEO of Switcher S.A.

Robin Cornelius 

Mr. Cornelius’ supporting statement for the Campaign for Climate Justice:

“In the next 50 years, the human population will rise above 9 billion, and meeting the world’s demand for land, water, energy, and food will be impossible – unless we make significant changes. This I why I personally want to contribute to the environment, by providing all necessary information’s to enhance awareness by the end consumers thanks to the traceability platform: There is a need to inform about the improvements of the industrial conditions of our civilization, to reduce the consumption of energy and to encourage the recourse of natural resources and renewable energy.”

Robin Cornelius is a Swiss national who founded Switcher S.A., a textile company whose mission is to permanently create the conditions necessary for sustainable production and distribution of textiles and accessories.

Robin Cornelius also founded the Switcher Fondation that supports social and environmental projects in Switzerland and around the world.

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