7,000 Rolls of Toilet Paper! Creating New Supply Chain Wins Innovation Award for Kimberly-Clark.


By Nikita Saharia Chaturvedi

Kimberly-Clark Professional recently received two awards from NETWORK Services Company, distributor of janitorial supplies and equipment, food service disposables, printing papers and packaging supplies and equipment to businesses in the commercial real estate, healthcare, food service, industrial printing and public sector.

“Its annual supplier trade show brings NETWORK members and suppliers together to exchange ideas and information, and we were honored to receive two awards this year,” said Peter Leahy Channel Marketing, Health and Wellness at Kimberly-Clark Professional in a podcast interview with My Purchasing Center.

Leahy explains that Kimberly-Clark Professional works closely with NETWORK Services to deliver solutions that help create exceptional workplaces, which nurture a culture of health, safety and throughput. “We work with NETWORK and its members to create relevant content that will help drive growth and provide value-added insights and information for their customers,” he said.

“We also supply them with high-quality…

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RFID ROI – Don’t forget the payback!


traceability_1Just recently, while visiting a customer wanting to implement an RFID asset tracking solution, it occurred to me that ROI (return-on-investment) should always be the ultimate goal for most uses of RFID. What brought this to mind? It was because we were discussing technology before understanding what the ultimate ROI goal was. I’m sure you could say this was failure from a sales perspective, but I’m sure at some point you have also found yourself caught up in the technology seeming so promising and exciting in terms of its benefits, that you lost track of why you were there in the first place. Also, many times, the technology stage is where equipment suppliers and/or integrators are brought in.

As with most projects of this nature, they get started because someone says something like “why don’t we do XXX, it will save us money, time, trouble, loss or get us in…

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Supply Chain Sustainability

Patagonia, a leader in outdoor gear as well as a leader in sustainable and innovative supply chain, vows to source 100% of its down from traceable sources that follow the company’s Traceable Down Standard. The Traceable Down Standard requires suppliers, from the goose farm all the way to the garment factory, to follow a set of guidelines that ensures all geese are treated humanely.

The move by Patagonia is one that many large companies across the world are making – giving consumers visibility to the sources of the companies’ products. Supply Chain traceability is a growing topic of interest for both consumers and companies. As consumers gain more access to information (thanks to the internet) and as more consumers demand quality products that are ethically and sustainably sourced, companies are having to prove that their products live up to the “green hype”.


Patagonia is already a pioneer in…

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Weltverbesserer in der Textilindustrie

«10vor10»-Beitrag über Robin Cornelius vom 14. November 2013:

Sendung anschauen…

Was denkst Du über Robin?

Robin Cornelius, CEO of Switcher S.A.

Robin Cornelius 

Mr. Cornelius’ supporting statement for the Campaign for Climate Justice:

“In the next 50 years, the human population will rise above 9 billion, and meeting the world’s demand for land, water, energy, and food will be impossible – unless we make significant changes. This I why I personally want to contribute to the environment, by providing all necessary information’s to enhance awareness by the end consumers thanks to the traceability platform: www.respect-code.org. There is a need to inform about the improvements of the industrial conditions of our civilization, to reduce the consumption of energy and to encourage the recourse of natural resources and renewable energy.”

Robin Cornelius is a Swiss national who founded Switcher S.A., a textile company whose mission is to permanently create the conditions necessary for sustainable production and distribution of textiles and accessories.

Robin Cornelius also founded the Switcher Fondation that supports social and environmental projects in Switzerland and around the world.

Become a Climate Ally: www.timeforclimatejustice.org!

Robin Cornelius – Wants to make clothing traceable

Robin Cornelius is founder and chairman of Switcher, a Swiss textile company. Today, he co-owns the company with PGC (Prem Group), Switcher’s Indian partner for almost three decades. Switcher cooperates with Fair Wear Foundation, Max Havelaar, myclimate, Öko-Tex and other standard setting organisations. As an industry pioneer, the company has developed CO2 and H2O indexes for textile products. The online transparency service respect-code.org was launched in 2006.

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