Supply Chain Sustainability

Patagonia, a leader in outdoor gear as well as a leader in sustainable and innovative supply chain, vows to source 100% of its down from traceable sources that follow the company’s Traceable Down Standard. The Traceable Down Standard requires suppliers, from the goose farm all the way to the garment factory, to follow a set of guidelines that ensures all geese are treated humanely.

The move by Patagonia is one that many large companies across the world are making – giving consumers visibility to the sources of the companies’ products. Supply Chain traceability is a growing topic of interest for both consumers and companies. As consumers gain more access to information (thanks to the internet) and as more consumers demand quality products that are ethically and sustainably sourced, companies are having to prove that their products live up to the “green hype”.


Patagonia is already a pioneer in…

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